I Just Need You Fight For Me

In time im bussy with ‘SKRIPSI’ as my ticket for graduation ceremony, as my routine to break from a stress i used to read a book, or watch some other movies, and listen to the music. And for now (in this newly post) i was watched some old movie series, that is GREY’s ANATOMY. OK, you can laugh at me because its sounds like everybody already watched that, hahaha..

In my last part (before i write this post), i was just like a blink on my mind while Callie (George O’Melley’s GF) said “Why dont you just said that i washed my hand. Just fight for me.”

Ok wait,,, may be y’all dont get it, i’ll try to explain first. It was a scene while callie sleepover in Meredith house (which is where izzie n george also living), and in the morning they are in the same bathroom (without george of course) doing some morning routine, and callie (which is (in that time) george NEW GF) was suddenly come n got to pee n went out without wash her hand. And as you can guess, izzie and others threw some word for that ridicoulous things that callie did before.

George was not comfort with that and finally he felt a bit embrased and gave a bad response while he met callie around. Finally george ask “Callie, did you wash ypur hand??”, Callie answered “What?? Of course i did!!”. And after that Callie wasnt feeling comfortable till the afternoon george came to Callie’s room and Callie just spilled that out “I wash my hand in the kitchen coz i didnt feel comfortable with their eyes on me. Why dont you just said that i washed my hand. Just fight for me.”

Thats the point!! Why dont you just fight for me. No matter i washed my hand or not but just fight for me! Thats the point that some couple (especially for man) didnt realize. Thats a small things but means a lot to women because it shows your believed in her. It shows that you are fight for her, you are defend her as yours… Thats all women need, a declaration of action that you will tie them tight n wont let any person in this whole world bring her down. It means a lot for a women, it means that later she can rely on you…

These is a big notes for all man that women consider a lil things as a representatives of the bigger one even the biggest.

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~ by Historina Safitri Hakim on March 7, 2010.

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