“the most promising word in english dictionary”

‘Im yours’ wont be everlasting words, coz it will be gone when the death take one of us away

‘You’ve got all my heart‘ will be nonsense while your heart stop beating

‘Anytime, you can cry on my shoulder’ does not fully help when my tears keep you to be around, then it would make you bored and someday you will leave me all alone

‘I cant stop not to keep thinking of you’ will meet the limit while you got insane

‘My eyes always have a sight on you’ wont be continued in time im hiding somewhere invisible

But the word called LOVE would be the most promising word in english dictionary
It remains the feeling that gave me a strength to move on with your love all over my body and soul
And it would be never ending story with or without you beside

Jatinangor, 160210, 01.46


~ by Historina Safitri Hakim on February 16, 2010.

2 Responses to ““the most promising word in english dictionary””

  1. teh, lg jatuh cinta ya?? hahahaha….
    soalnya 3 tulisan terakhir semuanya about love.. =D

  2. aduh aduhhhh lagi pengen aja nulis yang baunya pinky2,,,
    jangan berpersepsi macem2 aahhh,,,,

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