SCIM (Student Conference in Maribor)

Time for SCIM 2010 is coming closer. This year, it will be bigger, more attractive and with much more fun. It will be organised between 28th June and 8th July.
At the same time, the famous Festival of Lent will be held!
SCIM (Student Conference in Maribor) is the biggest project of the Department of International Affairs at the Student Organisation of University of Maribor. Each year, more than 60 students from different countries are gathered.
Its main topic this year is Poverty and social exclusion. The following workshops will be realised:
* photography workshop,
* video workshop,
* art sculpture workshop,
* theater workshop,
* art drawing and painting workshop,
* creative-trash workshop,
* fashion workshop.
Within these workshops students will prepare exhibition and theatre performance; thus immediate results of our project will be shown.
Application DEADLINE is 7th April at 23.00.
You can find more information on our website

SCiM Team
by : Dejan Spital

~ by Historina Safitri Hakim on February 14, 2010.

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